By Lecturer in Hebrew and Aramaic at the Faculty of Oriental Studies Geoffrey Khan

Being direct descendants of the Aramaic spoken by means of the Jews in antiquity, the nonetheless spoken Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialects of Kurdistan deserve unique and brilliant curiosity. Geoffrey Khan's A Grammar of Neo-Aramaic is a different checklist of 1 of those dialects, now at the verge of extinction. This quantity, the results of broad fieldwork, includes a description of the dialect spoken by means of the Jews from the quarter of Arbel (Iraqi Kurdistan), including a transcription of recorded texts and a thesaurus. The grammar involves sections on phonology, morphology and syntax, preceded by way of an introductory bankruptcy reading the location of this dialect when it comes to the opposite identified Neo-Aramaic dialects. The transcribed texts checklist folktales and bills of customs, traditions and studies of the Jews of Kurdistan.

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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Mordechai Larza (= informant L): Resident of the town of Arbe!. Bilingual speaker of Arabic and Aramaic. ). ), cousin of Mordechai Larza. ). Same of these informants were not fixed in one place of residence all the time but moved araund the Arbe! region to a certain extent. It is not clear, therefore, whether their idiolect always corresponds exactly to the Aramaie spoken by other Jews in the locations designated above as their places of residence. In all cases, however, their speech clearly belongs to the Arbe!

The identification of the primary emphatic is based on historical etymology and comparisons of emphasis spread in forms from the same root. Jtr$, in which the emphatic segment is the 1$1. tl. On the basis of these considerations the I$1 can be identified as the primary emphatic and the forms are transcribed as tar$iwiilu and tari$ respectively. g. J*t~n), taxnlwiile [trex'ni:wa:le:J 'they ground it' (B:117), ~a/mu [srel'mu:] 'their face' (L: 224 < *~almii). tl, which is generally pronounced with aspiration.

G. älim 'cruel' (B:146). wa:lu:] 'I used to chase them away' (Y:52). iftam 'there'. g. g. ] (L:4). il and the word for 'there' tam, which is not used independently in the Jewish Arbel dialect. il is not pronounced emphatic. g. $[ola ['*>:~~] 'syngogue' (Y:72), satlu ['srenl:l:l 'their pots' (Y:73), :jqilta [~q~rt're] 'a small ring' (L:209). 4 Pronunciations such as [2~~·t'rem], however, suggest that the 1/1 is now a primary emphatic. In the transcription, therefore, a dot is marked under 1/1 in this word.

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