By Jiang Qing, Daniel A. Bell, Ruiping Fan, Edmund Ryden

As China maintains to remodel itself, many imagine that the state will ultimately flow past communism and undertake a Western-style democracy. yet may well China increase a distinct kind of govt in accordance with its personal certain traditions? Jiang Qing--China's most unusual, provocative, and debatable Confucian political thinker--says convinced. during this booklet, he units out a imaginative and prescient for a Confucian constitutional order that provides a compelling replacement to either the established order in China and to a Western-style liberal democracy. A Confucian Constitutional Order is the main specified and systematic paintings on Confucian constitutionalism up to now.

Jiang argues opposed to the democratic view that the consent of the folk is the most resource of political legitimacy. in its place, he offers a finished option to in attaining humane authority in line with 3 assets of political legitimacy, and he derives and defends a suggestion for a tricameral legislature that might top signify the Confucian political perfect. He additionally places ahead proposals for an establishment that may lower the facility of parliamentarians and for a symbolic monarch who may embrace the ancient and transgenerational id of the kingdom. within the latter part of the e-book, 4 top liberal and socialist chinese language critics--Joseph Chan, Chenyang Li, Wang Shaoguang, and Bai Tongdong--critically overview Jiang's theories and Jiang supplies precise responses to their perspectives.

A Confucian Constitutional Order presents a brand new regular for comparing political growth in China and enriches the discussion of chances on hand to this quickly evolving country. This ebook will fascinate scholars and students of chinese language politics, and is key examining for someone thinking about China's political future.

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In the history of politics, the Way of the Humane Authority is the only one that unites all three forms of legitimacy in equilibrium. Therefore, it is the perfect form of politics that we ought to seek. Firstly, the Way of the Humane Authority includes sacred legitimacy, which can correct the flaws inherent in the recognition of the will of the people as the sole form of legitimacy. Sacred legitimacy can restrain popular legitimacy so that it does not get inflated. The will of the people is subject to the universal restraint of religious morality, which embodies the Way and principle of heaven.

In t r oduc t ion change, but presumably this effort to fight for the status quo is worthwhile. He has compiled a twelve-Â�volume series of Confucian classics for children that is meant to shape education now, not just in the fully “Confucianized” future. 32 And he has called for “Confucianizing” the Chinese Communist Party and more teaching of Confucian classics in Communist Party schools, and he has said that he would advise the current government if called upon to do so. On all these issues, he has been surprisingly pragmatic and willing to work within the contemporary social and political reality for improvements, even though the result would still not look anything like the Way of the Humane Authority.

1 This is the only way in which Chinese culture can respond to the challenge of Western culture. However, in recent years China’s political development has begun to go astray. Every current of political thought in China assumes that democracy is the way ahead for China. 2 A glance over China’s current world of thought shows that Chinese people have already lost their ability to think independently about political questions. In other words, Chinese people are no longer able to use patterns of thought inherent in their own culture—Â�Chinese culture—Â�to think about China’s current political development.

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