By Neil Paynter

Fifty new prayers from old and young and from people world wide – from Glasgow to Cincinnati, from Malawi to Alaska – that may be utilized in an everyday self-discipline, many at the issues of the Iona neighborhood – poverty and fiscal justice, welcome and hospitality, interfaith discussion, church renewal, peacemaking.

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Brian Woodcock, England GOD OF PEACE God of peace, in the wilderness of conflict let us hear your voice and be challenged to repent. Fill us with your holy rage that we may join your protest and proclaim the injustice of war. Embolden us with the Gospel of hope that we may oppose oppression and proclaim liberation. Amen Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD PRAYER FOR RECHARGING THE MOBILE As I recharge my mobile battery may God recharge my soul: the current of God’s love flowing through me healing, restoring, renewing … As the ions return to their source, I to Jesus return.

We build barriers to hide what we do not want to see. We draw lines through other people’s hearts. We trample with our feet what others hold dear. We defend ourselves by dividing others from their rights. Jesus, in the land where your feet were tired, where you carried the burden for the oppressor, where you broke the chains of the prisoner and set our hearts free, may those who plant olives harvest them, may those who build houses live in them; as we honour the graves of our neighbours may peace flourish till the moon fails.

With Jesus, our brother, we give You praise. Amen Israel Nelson, Alaska LET US LEARN Let us learn from the indigenous people, whom we have so wronged, who did not fit our development plans, whom we have swept aside as we divided the planet between us and plundered it. Let us learn that the land is sacred. Let us learn to walk lightly on the earth. Let us learn our need of forest and wilderness. Let us learn the natural rhythms. Let us learn our need of rites of passage. Let us learn, and not patronise.

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