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Real name - one zero one Basketball Rebounding Drills

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The two offensive players then go to the end of the line and are replaced by the next man in each line. The drill continues with the same (X)s against all of the (O)stwo at a time. Once the (X)s have defended against all of the offensive players, they go to the end of the offensive player line and two new defenders take their place. The (C) and (M) a variety of options: (1) shoot immediately; (2) pass to each other and then shoot; or (3) pass to one of the (O)s who then shoots can be given. Page 54 Drill 42 Baseline Box-Out OBJECTIVE: To practice boxing-out and rebounding techniques.

VARIATION: All players continuously tip their own rebounds against the board (Diagram 2). Diagram 1 Diagram 2 Page 26 Drill 17 Tip Out OBJECTIVE: To develop tipping skills and techniques. DESCRIPTION: The players are divided into two lines with each group facing the other at the free throw line. The drill begins by having the coach (C)who is standing in the circle equidistant between the two groupsbounce the ball off the floor as hard as possible so that it goes as high into the air as possible.

One player acts as a defensive player (O), while the other serves as the offensive player (X). The drill begins with both players facing each other. On a signal, (O) turns toward the basket, using an open pivot. (O) then attempts to force (X) out of the circle using (O)s rear end, hips, and arms. After a preset number of successful repetitions, the players interchange positions. Page 24 Drill 15 Ring Around the Rosie OBJECTIVE: To develop footwork and proper rebounding position. DESCRIPTION: The drill involves four playerstwo each on defense (X) and on offense (O).

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